Expansion and modernisation: Indupark Center in Dortmund

After extensive revitalisation, the Indupark Center in Dortmund celebrated its reopening in September 2013. Within two years, the department store – which was erected in 1976 – was revitalised and extensively upgraded while remaining in operation.

Today an attractive retail park with one of the most state-of-the-art Real markets in Europe is open to visitors. The floor plan has been changed and expanded. The area of the Real market has been reduced to 14,000 sqm for the purposes of efficient use. The retail park accommodates Dortmund's first Media Markt and an approximately 5,000-square metre shop area with 30 shops. The new shopping street with an attractive sectoral mix from fashion to electronics is intended to attract even more visitors to the modern mall in the future. A number of catering establishments for all tastes and a wide range of services round off the shopping experience. The center has also been given a facelift from the outside: the facade, entrances and roof have been redesigned as part of the ground plan expansion

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Choice of gastronomy for everybody
Modernised mall
Attractive mix of industries
Attractive mix of industries
Redesigned front and entrances
Shopping street

Project specifications

Indupark Center Dortmund Logo

  • Project: Revitalisation of a retail park
  • Owner: RUDU Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Size of property: 98.800 m².
  • Rental space: 25.000 m²
  • Address: Wulfshofstr. 6-8, 44149 Dortmund-Oespel
  • Number of rental units: 30
  • Start of construction: April 2011
  • Opening: October 2013

Project participants

Project Development


Building owner

METRO GROUP Asset Management Services GmbH

General planning

WSP Deutschland AG

Urban development / location planning

OttenArchitekten GmbH

Tenant improvements / shop-fitting / tenant coordination

WSP Deutschland AG

Structural engineering

WSP Deutschland AG

Technical equipment


Thermal building physics / thermal protection

Müller BBM

Soil mechanics, earthworks and foundations

SakostaCAU GmbH

Fire prevention

Corall Ingenieure GmbH

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