Redesign of the corporate headquarters

A scaffold with a 30x5 m large banner is announcing it: The existing METRO-building on Schlüterstraße 1 is transformed into a modern headquarters with a new office concept to create an innovative and inspiring working environment. "Be1" is the name of the headquarters to be completed on the METRO Campus by spring 2018.

With the demerger of METRO GROUP scheduled for summer 2017, the future METRO AG will become a new entity with a focus on wholesale and food retail. For the employees working at the redesigned group headquarters, the new brand and positioning of METRO AG will thus also be a new spatial experience.

"We are creating space for innovation, creativity, committed work and sharing of information. With Be1, we are opening up a new chapter of cooperation and communication in an increasingly dynamic working world. A good networking among employees and their knowledge are the prerequisite for creating something new", says Heiko Hutmacher, Chief Human Resources Officer of METRO AG. The new, open-plan office landscape will promote teamwork, but also offer sufficient space and privacy for concentrated individual work, confidential conversations and meetings.

A vast number of employees and the Works Council of METRO AG were already involved in the conceptualization phase of Metro's future Be1 working environment. From floor plans and colour schemes to office furniture and design elements, each department had the opportunity to directly get involved in the design of its new working environment.

"The infrastructure of the building is optimal for the vision of our future collaboration because the attitude and mindset of the future METRO already reflect in the creation of its new headquarters: open-minded thinking, courage to innovate, inspiring ideas and cross-functional cooperation", continues Hutmacher. "Collaborative cooperation forms one of the bases for the sustainable success of our company. With Be1, the cultural transformation which METRO is undergoing is further promoted."

Sustainability is one central element of the Be1 concept. For both, the operation and the technology installed in the building, special attention is paid to environment- and resource-friendly equipment and amenities, e.g. for water utilisation, illumination, energy efficiency and IT. In addition, the company plans to predominantly use natural materials for its office furniture and interior decoration. Just like in the case of the existing METRO headquarters on Metro-Straße 1, the planners are seeking a BREEAM certification. BREEAM is the world’s leading and most widely used certification method for buildings. It certifies ecological aspects and the sustainability of buildings.

Redesign of the corporate headquarters

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