Madrid Barajas: Spanish MAKRO Flagship store re-opened

It is the first and one of the most successful Spanish Cash & Carry Markets. Now, the MAKRO Store in Madrid Barajas was re-opened: In a top modern building and with a new concept.

The new market has 11.700 square metres in total. It was newly built on the existing plot at Polígono Industrial Las Mercedes close to Madrid’s airport – where the story of MAKRO Spain begun in 1972 with the old store. The co-operation project of MAKRO Spain and METRO PROPERTIES is a true flagship store.

Aesthetics meet sustainability

With its architectural concept, the new MAKRO market sets standards: an attractive entrance area, a user-friendly interior design as well as a modern and innovative energy and lighting concept make the new store a reference for the entire industry. Also in terms of sustainablity, the market has model character: the intelligent building uses LEDs as well as natural light and helps save energy. Relying on the natural refrigerant CO2, the new cooling systems contributes to sustainable operations.

Innovative product worlds

The modernisation of the market is not only reflected in the architecture, but also has an impact on the business itself: thanks to an innovative and modern format, the market is supposed ot become even more attractive for its customers. Different product worlds focus on the respective areas of work, which enables an easier and more intuitive approach when looking for a product.

Focus on HORECA customers

Also the business model was optimised with new services designed for the focus target group of HORECA customers – from consulting to transport. Furthermore, the new store features special highlights in its product range: for example, it offers the biggest fish department of all MAKRO locations, the bodega, which is a separate area for precious vine assortments as well as a wide range of glas and tablewear for hotels. As a further innovation, a special VIP area has been designed in order to address a high-class culinary audience with gourmet food and exclusive tastings and show cookings.

Further development of the plot

The opening was attended by leaders from the HORECA business, such as the president of the Federación Espanola de Hosteleria, José Maria Rubio, Enrique Ossorio Crespo, Director of Finance and Economy at the Madrid town council and Ángel Luis Martín Martín, Managing Director at the Chamber of Commerce as well as further leaders from the economic world.

The re-opening of the store is only the beginning: After the relocation of the Spanish headquarters to Paseo Imperial, the plot is restructured and upgraded thanks to a consistent overall conception. Therefore, the old MAKRO market and the former headquarters building are demolished. A project development is also planned, as the potential of the plot is high. The location in the industry zone close to Madrid airport is booming. A good perspective, not only for the new MAKRO store.


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