Edingen-Neckarhausen: Real becomes retail park

It’s an add-on for the customer: METRO PROPERTIES increases the location’s value for Real and further tenants

The Real location Edingen-Neckarhausen has been a long-time ‘companion’ at Project Development Germany: For a long time, a remodelling of the location was intended – now the time has come: The concept was approved by the METRO AG Board. The Real store is supposed to be transformed into a modern retail park with four new shops.

In order to realise this plan, the sales line Real will resize its market floors to an efficient and food-focused size. In the course of the rebuilding, an extensive refurbishment will be realised, as the property has aged a bit over the years. It was constructed in 1967, for the Esbella market at the time, in 1996 Real moved in. In the year of the 20th anniversary at this address, a lot of things are planned: there will be a beverage store on the new 4,600 square metres sales floor. So far, it was located around the corner in another street. Also the checkout zone will receive a facelift. The well-established fashion market Adler in the upper floor can be kept at the location offering them a new prominent entrance area on 500 square metres at the basement.

Customer focus and shopping comfort are the top priority during the planning. Apart from the reconstructions, also a new building part will be realised. Four new shops are supposed to move in, completing the tenant mix at the location, from young fashion and shoe specialists up to suppliers for daily needs. Also the exterior will receive a new look: the architects have created a welcoming entrance area with wooden elements as well as a light and pleasant facade design.

Long-term increase in value

The decision for the project development was driven by the intention of increasing the value and using the location sustainably, for Real as well as further existing and future tenants. After all, there are a lot of potential customers: the nearly 31,184 square metres area between Mannheim and Heidelberg is located close to a highly frequented state road, which is used by high numbers of commuters between the cities. To make shopping more attractive for them, 170 additional parkings are constructed on a part of the plot that was so far fallow ground. The existing parking area will be modernised and refurbished based on the new METRO PROPERTIES ‘Parking for people’ concept to offer a spacious and customer-friendly solution with nearly 400 lots.

The works are supposed to start in early 2016. The opening of the retail park is scheduled for November 2016.

Edingen-Neckarhausen: Real becomes retail park

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