Compliance stands for compliance with legal regulations, company guidelines, processes and standards. As a company within METRO GROUP, METRO PROPERTIES is committed to the group-wide compliance guidelines.

Responsible Behaviour in Everyday Business Life

The standardised group-wide compliance programme is intended to ensure that all employees behave in accordance with the statutory regulations and take into account the business principles of METRO GROUP.

For METRO PROPERTIES, property-specific compliance guidelines have also been defined that regulate our internal processes and our collaboration with partners. These include:
Simply Right - METRO GROUP Compliance
  • Ensuring the documentation and transparency of acquisitions and transactions
  • Ensuring the transparency of rental agreements
  • Avoiding personal enrichment and the granting of advantages during invitations to tender, contract awards and
  • construction, as well as services on the construction site
  • Ensuring control mechanisms for the compliant behaviour of service providers.

Compliance Reporting System

For employees, as well as for customers, suppliers and other business partners, a free Compliance Reporting System has been set up to report compliance incidents. Reports can also be submitted anonymously.

To the website of the METRO GROUP Compliance Reporting System (secure external Internet website)

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